Inspire yourself to new heights by reading up on how celebrities made it there

To be quite honest with you, and perhaps, you as readers should at least be able to acknowledge that there is some truth to this sentiment or observation, we are living in what can best be described as a rather secular, material and idolatrous world. What, specifically, do we mean by this? Our secular society places more emphasis on proven methodologies that work well in our general lives rather than utilizing our spiritual influences or beliefs, or even religious dogma, to make progress in our lives. Our materialism is focused on acquiring everyday items that can bring about our self-gratification and well being.

And finally, our idolatrous behavior is based on the longstanding habit and cultural tradition of admiring what our regular celebrities are currently doing with their lives. If there are those who have committed misdeeds that have given them a notorious reputation, then many of us are talking about it around the coffee table. The mainstream media has also cottoned on to this fact of our daily lives and goes out of its way to provide us with the headline making news that we always seem to be looking forward to. If we are spending most of our time online, many of us have bookmarked our favorite celebrities so that we may keep up to date with what they are doing with themselves in Hollywood or Silicon Valley, as the case may be.

But to put things as bluntly as possible, and for lack of a better way of expressing it at this time, isn’t this social media following trend rather lame. Would time online not be better spent in finding new, great and innovative ways to make improvements in our lives? Making advances or improvements can be quite challenging at the best of times, what with so many things to do and responsibilities to live up to every day. One way to help get the most out of our day and to motivate us to work harder at achieving our personal or business goals to see how others are doing it and how they all achieved their fame or success.

So, what better way to have the best of all worlds online than by visiting sites such as to get a more informative and fact-based overview of how today’s celebrities got to where they are today. There is less emphasis on who they are sleeping with or what car they bought, and far more important emphasis on where they went to school, where they first spent their time working, and how they started up their first company or got their first movie role. Combining the material and idolatrous preoccupations, we remain curious as to just how much money these successful people have made.

This is included for information’s sake.  Of more interest in the money stakes should be a tracker of sorts where you get to see how they made their first million, and so forth.